Still Alive!

hi all!

just wanted to quickly write and say that i’m still here and planning to suture back to completeness quite soon. i’ve had some help extended to me in recollecting my blog archives and putting them back up here (thank goodness!) so at some point soon i’m going to be piecing that together.

it’s funny. i’ve been blogging for close to 10 years now, but when i woke up to that email from my host telling me “it’s all gone” i didn’t feel too much remorse. i got many emails and messages over the next few weeks expressing condolences and well wishes, all of which i appreciated very much, but strangely felt very disconnected from. it felt like i was watching a movie — i can somehow relate to the character, but i know i am not that person. and enveloping it all is a cucumber cool indifference.

i think i’ve undergone vast changes since coming to college, both superficially and also at my core. it’s hard to explain and probably sounds trivial to everyone else but i guess it’s sufficient to say that in my mind i still think i am the old me, but the new me does everything completely differently. it sounds silly to me even as i write this, like an existential crisis that a 16 year old in high school would complain about. but that’s just really how i feel. words can’t quite describe how distraught it makes me feel that i’ve basically shifted so far away from the person i thought i was, which is the person i’ve always wanted to be.

oh well. this isn’t a pity fest so i’d like to move on. some updates on my life: yes, i’m still in college, and will be graduating next year. i returned from Kenya in January (which i think was almost the last thing i blogged about), and spent spring break in Mexico. Kafka is currently in New York with me as we both take a month-long break from transatlantic communication. i’m happy to have him here — this unforgiving city seems a lot more bearable when he is here to share his love for it with me. and it’s always nice when we can take care of each other in person :) school is still giving me a lot of anxiety as always — classes aren’t getting any easier and leading student organizations also isn’t getting any less dramatic. yet i’m enjoying everything. i’m doing what i like and someday it’s going to lead me to what i love. also i’m going to be in HK over the summer for an internship. so… hit me up, hong kongers!

march is drawing to a close as i write this, and it makes me sad. i like march. there are many things i associate with march that i like, and they span the marches of many, many years, making for a vast montage of likable things. the last few days have been a flavorful blast from the past, with a handful of march people reappearing in my life again, causing all this friction that awake some kind of wonder in me.

i’m actually really quite young. why am i making all these adult person decisions?

talk soon!

(btw, keep this font size or return it to its former microscopic quality?)

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Hock Xiang

gr8 to c u back up blogging. missed u. the tiny winny font size suits this site better :)



changes. and sometimes you know you’ve changed but people still think you’re that person who left.

eh, write up a detailed school life post lar. i absolutely LOVE tales from college and university. tell us what you’re doing in student organisations and how frazzled you get, where you love studying this semester, your favourite class and your handsomest tutor, where you get your dinners and the things columbia’s students do. oh this sounds stalker-ish, but what i mean is: give us stories from school. i know i’ll love it :)

glad to have you back! i hope you’re doing well and yay kafka’s with you in nyc! :)


This new font size is much easier to read. Doesn’t really matter which one you choose.


I liek this font size… easy to read

Lit Rean

glad to read this.

p.s. this font size is fine for me. like it. :)

Wow, blogging for nearly ten years, keep up the good work.

I think a smaller font lends itself better to your long sentences! And bring back the pink omg. I used to hate the pinkness but I miss it now.


its alive!!! no more squinting!!!


Yay, you’re back! I think I like the tiny font better. :)

I think this font size is a little too big and glad to see you back in writing. internship in hong kong sounds really cool!! :D :D


Your advices in Wed Star papers to the teens are a great read too. Your thoughts are way too mature for your youth. First hand experiences, maybe? Keep it up, many needs you. Keep to this font size, am sure some of your readers are in my age group too. Kasihan, squinting is painful.

MICROSCOPIC FONT! because it’s aesthetically prettier!

Grace Tan

i miss the old me that can read your blog with awesome silly vain pics and very very detail description of moments.

great to see you still writing! no matter hw you change from last time. we all change. =)

@____@ eh this font nais! anyways hope you get your archives back :(

Definitely go back to microscopic. This one’s fit for king kong lah. I feel like I’d have to be half blind to not have your well-crafted words screaming at me when I read. Hahaha.

Your RSS feed is still the same la LSA, I got to this post via RSS.

I’d be gutted if all my archives were gone, so many memories :(

Good luck on the restoration! The ‘it’s all gone’ happened to me once before too.


This font is much easier to read, but the old one did suit the blog better.

Welcome back, it’s great to be reading your work again!


i’ll be in hangzhou this summer for an internship! =)) i’ll visit hk too (though i don’t know when yet)!

Jin Rui

love this font size. glad you are well!


welcome back! i like the old font a lot more.. but its probably because i despise changes..

but congrats on that internship in hk!


Glad to see that you haven’t forsaken blogging. Do keep the old font! This is a wee bit too big. (: Looking forward to your new blog and upcoming blog posts!

Wow! u’re back. keep blogging! :D

i’m so glad that you’re finally coming back, cant wait til u get all of it up again and pieced together. I was shocked when i came to visit your blog sometime back and found out what happened to your blog.

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