quaintly says hi!




oh my god why is it not pink anymoreeeeeee


wtf happened to your blog?!


Hi! :D


sorry guys, pardon the weird appearance for the time being… my server got wiped out and i lost all my posts. all 10 years of it and 6 years of quaintly.net ! :(

John Evans

no more verbal diarrhoea? no, don’t seek medical advice…i have a healthy contempt for doctors, especially avaricious American ones. “Physician, heal thyself!” (from the Bible).
I will return to England next year to collect my state pension…as for the foreign scum who come to the UK and abuse the system……I hope they……(unprintable!)


Oh no!!!!! 10 years of writing lost!!!! ahhhhhhhhh
did you have any backups elsewhere?


Hope you can retrieve your posts! >.<


NO!! that’s horrible :(


omgosh! why did it get wiped out? terrible feeling it must be!



OMG! for real? will you be able to retrieve your posts then? =/

Holy shoot, this is unbelievable, Su Ann. You must be devastated. *I’m* devastated for you. :(


Caely, you blog-hop too?! WHOOO. :D

Hey ewey! Yes, I definitely do. Always searching for good ones!


Hope your blog returns to usual:)

may your blog recover soon! :)


i’m just glad you’re still writing! (:

:( where is pink pau?surely there is a way to retrieve it!

NOOOOO!!!! NO. EFFING. WAY. call the blog doctor, there’s gotta be one! hope u’ll get everything back *tight hug*


i am still feeling hollow inside because of the loss of ten years’ of your writing. :( never knew one could get so attached to a blog.

remember when you wrote saying that if you ever have to choose between your job and your blog, you’d shut your blog down?

maybe now you can use this opportunity to start up anonymously elsewhere – someplace apart from you so you can write whatever the heck you feel like (so long as you send me your new URL – won’t tell, promise). i half want my blog to evaporate too so i can change my stupidly cryptic blog address that no one can pronounce or remember.


k0k: Well, if u ever change your address, let me know too will you? And I DO know how to pronounce your cryptic blog address. Even though it’s a bitch to type into the address bar if I’m on someone else’s comp.


I disagree, I think it’s super fun to type :3

nyrac: i might have to when i start working – being a government servant and all that :(

Terri: if only you can see what i use as my passwords. i can’t recite them. i can only derive them if you give me a minute. i rely mostly on muscle memory to punch them in and i can’t do it with just one hand.


Your server got wiped out?!?! yikes! and ON MY BIRTHDAY!!

omg! all 10years worth of material all gone? i practically grew up reading your blog and now its all gone??? );


this is terrible! :(

Hui Min

and horrible! :( :(

Shao Ying

hope your blog will recover soon.

Oh my gosh, I’ve always loved your blog posts! Ten freaking years of blood, sweat and tears!

What does ‘server got wiped out’ even mean? How is that possible? Was WordPress affected by the radiation from Japan to the extent that it just went kaboom, leaving all your posts in smithereens? :(

*Your readers do seem to be more devastated than the writer herself. XP


sadness oh sadness. Been reading for the past 6 years. Tiba2 je hilang. Hope you can get your old data back ^^


ehhh. :(((


google up your posts and open the cached pages. it’s still stored somewhere in the internet! :) good luck!

O_O !!!!!!!! I almost got a heart attack…. I couldn’t remember the last time you changed your blog.



OMGGGG. noooo ): i hope you get your posts back & i hope you’ll post more posts up soon!

Wow, it’s all so pure.. so innocent.. so delicate.. so.. white! Wow.. are ya gonna be White Wow perhaps now?

On a serious note, this goes to show how fragile our intangible data is, and how unfortunate for Su to be on the end of it. Could’ve been any one of us. Data may be lost, but the brilliant writer in you is still there. Time to brush the episode off and start painting with your words.

Btw, if it’s not too much, which hosts were with?



a reader from canada



D: hope to see you again soon!

wow. i remember how devastated i was when i lost 3 years of blog posts during the big diary-x wipeout of 2005. hope you found some of them in caches, like i did. miss you lots la su ann. when will you be back and when will you come visit me for some tau foo fah and taugeh chicken???


Pinkpau! Wherefore art thou ~
miss ur pinkyness in my life! T-T

Hope u can recover all ur posts >_<


is this going to be an april fool’s trick? somehow i have a feeling it is. but if it isn’t then i’m sorry that this happened.

nooo.. where’s your blog? :(


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :'(


Hi! It’s strange. But my google reader didn’t alert me about this March 14th post, although it still has the archive of your long ago posts (latest of which is Feb21st).

Anyway, just dropping by to say hello! and missed reading ur blog posts~!


miss reading your post!

Hey Su Ann,

Really bummed to hear you lost your old posts :( That’s devastating! I haven’t blogged consistently in a few years, and I definitely need to go back and compile all my old b2 and wordpress archives. sigh.

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