in the midst of finals but suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of how much i miss my roommate. she left college midway through the year to take some time off to herself, which was and still is a good decision (i only wish i could do the same!), but there’s still a very big hole in my heart from her absence. i’ve become a lot sadder since she left, and in my quieter nights really miss how we would sit outside on the steps just to talk, or how we would go home drunk together after parties, giggly and silly as we stumble down the stairs to our room. we didn’t have the best relationship in the beginning of our roomie life two years ago, but circumstances and events have changed us both so much that inexplicably i find that she’s become one of my favorite people in the world. who would’ve thought? this crazy roommate of mine in sophomore year who did the most insane things that i simply could not understand, often with questionable intent… is now someone i love and care for so much. if anything went right in the later half of 2010 (and that was one shady year for us both), it was when she decided to chip away at all those layers of old skin and face masks, and allow her true self to emerge, and when i decided to chip away at the frost and distrust that lacquered my heart. she’s now growing up into such a fine young woman and i’m sad that i’m not there to see it. but i know she’s doing well, filling out those big shoes she was always meant to fill, and i’m very proud. rarely have i ever felt this proud of someone… and rarely do i miss someone this much.

in my headier moments i often think of taking a year off as well, if only so that we can make the walk to receive our diploma together, and graduate together.

so i just wanted to write and say that everyone deserves a second chance. we look past a lot of great people if we don’t, especially people who just need a little bit of time and attention from people who care, before they can lift themselves up of the wasteland that society sometimes leaves us in.



cheers for this post, su ann :) one year ago, i took a year out from university as well, because the stress had built up to the point where it was affecting my physical and mental health. im not sure if my reasons are the same as that of your friend’s, but i do know that it was a really hard decision to make, coming from a culture where any sort of break in the midst of studies is frowned upon, and i felt more than a little ashamed of myself for failing to cope in my first year. but in retrospect, it has turned out to be an unbelievably fulfilling experience. i ve learnt things about myself that no textbook or lecturer could ever have taught me :) hope all goes well for your friend.

heh, roommates. i used to have a roommate who used to lock me out when his girlfriend pops over. i can’t say i ever got to the stage where you and yours are now. not even close, in fact. these days, i’m finding it hard to remember what he was like, and every time i try, i kept recalling that huuuge box of condoms he kept in his wardrobe.

Are you saying that she was from wasteland?
The audacity!



tigerlily1218, many hugs. i salute you for your bravery – it couldn’t have been an easy decision, but i’m glad you did what’s good for you.

when pen meets paper, are you saying you understood what i meant when i referred to a wasteland? the audacity. :)

That’s strange. I commented in this post and the previous one, but they did not appear. When I tried reposting them, I get a message telling me that the duplicate was deleted.


eh apa ni got bacardi all you all never study ah?


k0k, rescued your comment from the net of spam! dare i say its because of your new shortened nickname .. :p aiyo sounds like you had quite an interesting roommate. funnily enough my roommate and i never once sexiled each other!

lali, bacardi 151 summore hahaha


nice! berlagak pandai orang disebelah tambak johor..cepat jump to conclusion..haih..aku tak tahan the audacity..

I miss my Shanghainese flatmate loads. :( And my german-japanese flatmate.

if there is a distinction, it ain’t clear! maybe to you :x
have a good weekend:)

nice blog, visited here with a smile… take care always… =D

Ee Lin

Awww…funny how things in life turn out sometimes eh? =’) I knew this friend in uni but we were never close or anything UNTIL we became housemates. Well, all the best to your roommate and you (graduating soon?)!

You should definitely take a year off! The gap between Junior year and the senior one is ideal. I would bolt off the moment I have the chance. ;)


aww so cute ^^

this is off topic but i see that you’re using the imood at the right panel again! that reminds me of high school times! :) :)


All that lovey dovey stuff is great and all……. but what kind of crazy shit did she do? It is necessary to know in order to gauge the immense power of ‘circumstances’ that has remodeled her image into this great person. What is she doing now?? It’s okay, you can write it in the comments, she won’t read it in the sea of words. Oh btw, leftover dishes in the sink doesn’t count since you know you’re ocd like that.





I love what you said in the last paragraph – it’s so, so, beautifully true <3

"we look past a lot of great people if we don’t, especially people who just need a little bit of time and attention from people who care, before they can lift themselves up of the wasteland that society sometimes leaves us in."


Sounds like both of you were good for each other in the end! I wish I had a good friend who could bring out the best in me :) I expect I am somewhat like your roommate – my housemate probably has a hard time dealing with me as well and I feel sorry cuz it doesn’t have to be that way if I could get myself out of the funk I’m in.

i miss my uni life. you girls look happy =)


for crying out loud she was just your roommate lahhh , you dont have to overreact like your cat just died


Couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. :)

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