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which is the bigger and more serious problem in malaysia – racism or the lack of public safety? and why?

addendum: it seems that most of the responses are towards the lack of public safety. but what about institutionalized racism? do you guys think that might be causing further economic inequality, which leads to a whole host of issues, of which the lack of public safety is one? or are they not related, and public safety is still the larger problem? or are they related, but public safety remains still the larger problem?


racism, definitely, and i hate it.


racism leads to public safety?

stupid people.

Public safety.

It’s something everyone can get behind, even the racists, because it affects us all. As far as I know, the current state of racism in Malaysia – as detestable as it is – poses no immediate danger to anyone’s life.


I think if given the choice between racism and public safety I would say public safety. Racism is a worldwide issue. Though we recognise it is as a critical issue, there is not much we can do to alter prior stereotypes that individuals have been socialised with, from young and then project onto the next generation. Such as my father dislikes this race, thinks of it as this and I immerse that thought, and this results on my own stereotypes. However, public safety is an issue that we can try and change. It is something we have the power within out boundaries to do something about. Just my two cents. Cheers.


Public safety would be a more objective pursuit than racism.

Public safety. To get rid of racism, you will have to get rid of prejudice. To get rid of prejudice, you will have to make sure that everyone is not biased toward the concept of other and ensure that people have to step out of their comfort bubbles known as the “self” and embrace the knowledge of the world. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to do that. I’ve known some very educated people who are very racist. Having said that, I don’t deny that my brain has not generated a racist thought before. There are so many forms of racism. Implicit. Explicit. Although we tell someone else OR show that we are not racist, ask yourself, is it possible that there is not a racist thought that does not cross our minds before? I learnt to realize that this is a huge human error. Yet, saying this does not mean that I agree that people should continue to be racist. I’m just pointing out that instead of denying that we are not racists, we should admit that we are. Admitting our mistakes is a step to change. Thinking global is another way. However, as Cyndy has pointed out, we stereotype. Stereotyping is not a bad thing because in order to make sense of our world, we put things into categories but one of the side effects of stereotyping is racism…

Anyway, this is getting a bit too long winded. Kesimpulannya, public safety comes first.

Sorry for this epic essay.

The information above is obtained from my psych studies. :)

public safety.

it gives a reason for everyone to blame everyone else thus causing racism.

public safety, it keeps the racists from doing what they really want!


Public safety, and along w it, other publics–transports, toilets, funds…

Public safety.

Public safety.

Racism is only an issue when we have nothing else to do.


Public safety.
Racism is everywhere, we can’t do anything about it.

Liew Ah Ban

Because the Indians and the Malays are the ones who causes all this public safety issues.

Aha! See how racism is dangerous? Of course Chinese and other races creates public safety issues.
But when things cloud our mind, we tend to focus on the wrong things, pointing fingers at the wrong things, wasting effort on the wrong things, trying to solve the wrong things, ends up – nothing is solved.

Racism in Malaysia has always been an excuse, or agenda to cloud everything else in this country. Politics, Economy, Social, Education issues and whatever issues, you name it. In BolehLand, racism has a hand in clouding the real underlying problems.

Solve Racism issues first. Then real culprits for other problems will float, and we tackle from there.

Liew ah ban

Even public safety faction focuses so much to expain on racism instead of public safety.
That is the extend of racism affecting everything else.
Including public safety faction


Racism leads to economy inadequacy and thus the issue on public safety?

Aren’t they intertwined much?


It’s like wildfire, once it spreads, it becomes very difficult to contain. No doubt, thoughts of racism have long infiltrated quite a few of our minds (I admit, myself included). But it becomes dangerous when we start to put these racial thoughts into practice, which sadly, is what is happening.
I’m saddened by the fact that even the learning institutions in our negara tercinta are not spared from this problem. :( Instead the situation is getting worse.

For me, public safety is not so much a serious issue, because I feel that most people are aware of it, and the police are also doing their part by encouraging the public to come forward and contribute to a safer society (ie. RakanCop, setting up of Rukun Tetangga). Further more, of late crime rates have also been dropping. Racism unlike public safety, remains to be a problem that quite a few people still fail to acknowledge. And therein, lies the main threat, because as long as people do not realize it’s a problem, there is no hope for any improvement.

Hi Su Ann! I’m new to your blogosphere. :) I hope you keep posting! You write really well. :)


My 5 cents worth (2 cents no longer applicable as my 1 cent coins are no longer legal tender)is on racism. Tag on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or whatever which causes discrimination. If there is actually 1Malaysia, when a problem of public safety arises, the people irrespective of race, religion, gender or creed can sit down together and discuss the issue and then choose a course of action. Whenever a major issue pops up nowadays, we have Chinese who only know how to protest against the Government and Islamic fundamentalists who are not Malay enough, yadda yadda yadda. Real issues like corruption and murder? Conveniently forgotten. On the other hand, stamping out racism is nigh impossible. So my vote is for Public Safety LOL.


To me, racism is just as big a threat as the lack of public safety, although racism lies more chronic, like a symptomless cancer, unlike how acutely dangerous present life can be. It’s almost reflex to first call out on how dangerous it’s become lately, but with a little more thought it becomes highly apparent how racism breeds the lack of safety.

Racism in Malaysia is no longer a mere prejudice based on color, which is probably why so few non-Bumis will ever trust our police. And unless we do something to work against that, I doubt Malaysia will ever be safe.

racism. because i think it causes all the finger-pointing and lack of trust towards authority here, which leads to a further downward spiral in the capability of those authorities. then public safety becomes compromised.


racism. can we really improve public safety and claim it is something everyone can work on together (together being the keyword) when there is distrust and dissatisfaction bubbling under the surface?

having said that, public safety could be more objective and measurable…but i have a feeling that without the more deeply rooted issues being resolved, nothing is going to really see progress.


Public safety.

The problem with racism in Malaysia is overstated. Yes, racism in Malaysia is obvious; however unlike many other countries it is much less of an aggressive nature, rather more of a stereotyping (which would cover not just skin colour, but education [oh you’re chinese ed, english ed etc…], background, personality, looks].

It is an issue, one which is obvious and blatant but one we can live with.


I’m surprised by most of the responses. Sorry to deviate, but without doubt the biggest threat to Malaysia is lack of meritocracy followed by corruption. In this globalised world, we are severely hampered by poor performances which lead to inefficiency, wastage and high inflation, rendering us uncompetitive.

I fear for our future generations as Malaysia keeps on sliding down the competitive index. At the very least, we should practice meritocracy among the Malays in the public sector and the GLCs.


ronin that wasn’t the question :) i’m sure there are a lot of things in malaysia that are ‘bigger’ problems to us than racism or the lack of public safety, but i was interested in hearing what people thought about these two problems, if they were related/not, and which posed the bigger challenge.

institutionalized racism which leads to public safety


i think racism is necessarily related to public safety but the causes of threats to public safety is not necessarily confined to racism alone. an example of racism being a threat to public safety would be the 1969 riots – racism, if allowed to proliferate, always runs the risk of boiling over into violence.

also agree with eve that institutionalized racism is dangerous to public safety as well, when the ‘public’ is defined as minority groups who are disadvantaged as compared to the majority group and safety is interpreted as job security, educational opportunities (leading up to job security) and upholding of law in an objective manner.

But I think public safety is the bigger problem because it affects everyone, not only the minorities. Also, threats to public safety indicate larger problems that cause bad governance (i.e corruption, failure to uphold justice etc other than racism)

sorry if this is rather incoherent!


Institutionalized racism leads to law enforcement being dominated by just one particular race, whom by general had been left out in the race for meritocracy, and adding to the pain is the general distrust of the force and the race by the minorities, whom is too selfish to contribute to the cause, which is a safer Malaysia, even they had their own ideas on how to create one.

Public safety is about the public helping in maintaining the safety as well, which sadly is not happening in our neighborhoods that is segregated by race.

To me, it is about curing racism in the long run, but in short, public safety issues cannot wait.

My vote for racism. Public safety issues – in my opinion – are never truly ignored. It’s a clear & obvious issue that society as a whole will put pressure on the government to fix should it get out of hand. The government in turn wishing to stay in power will always strive to address such issues (or at least pretend to). The point is that public safety is an issue that can – and will be – brought to attention with regularity.

Racism on the other hand is an issue of much more concern – purely because its swept under the carpet much more easily and ignored. What’s more, in Malaysia, racism has taken on an insidious institutionalised nature, all the while masquerading as a non issue. How do we combat this? I’d say its almost impossible but we still have to try.


Ban the toilet paper Utusan Malaysia and put Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa in jail then both racism and public safety are at level!


Go charlie go,

Am with you… then neither pucblic safety nor racism will much of a concerned.

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