Free and Fair

if you haven’t yet registered to vote in the Malaysian elections, you can do so today, Sunday June 12, at Sunway Giza, on the Ground Floor next to the Mr. Tom Yam restaurant or Baskin Robbins. the registration booth will be open from 12pm to 9pm, and all you will need is your IC. this is probably your last chance to register before the upcoming 13th General Election, so do go…!

and a very big thank you to everyone who’s been responding to my question on racism vs lack of public safety in the below post. i’m reading your responses with much interest. keep them coming…!


I suppose I should go register myself. I’ve already missed the last GE – but after looking closely into the parties that are running, I’m beginning to have doubts lately. Just how much better is the Opposition in comparison to BN, really? PAS is not really committing to the civil rights and secularity that the Pakatan Rakyat espouses, and the other constituents of the alliance is doing squat to reign in some of PAS’s wackier policies.

@kok sen wai: we’ll need a truly new opposition/ party to change then. :P

Ooch, I meant to say “rein” not “reign”.

YM: Let’s start one. You can be the President and I’ll be the Tribal Chieftain.

Yes register register register! The crappy thing is that it takes some time for your particulars to get onto the registrar – it took about 6 months for me! Do register people! Your vote counts and you can make a difference in the next GE!

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