Dear Malaysia

this is your prime minister:

this is the same prime minister who was quiet all week long leading up to the Bersih rally, and on the day of the rally was nowhere to be found, on a day that Malaysia needed a leader the most.

this is the same prime minister that 51.5% of us elected to the helm of our country. and this is the best he can do on national television after such an emotional and historical day for Malaysia — mock the injured, mock the opposition, mock those who wore yellow, mock those who marched, mock those who were hit by ‘sikit’ tear gas, and mock those who cared so much for the country that he’s running down to the ground.

please vote wisely in the next elections. register to vote at your nearest post office if you have not already done so. or i will beat you and eat you for breakfast. and i can eat A LOT of breakfast.



I dislike the Government, I’d like an incorruptible electoral system, I’d like a police force that doesn’t fire tear gas into hospital compound but what’s the alternative?

The Government stands for everything I am not (race-based) but the opposition has an extreme religion based party, and a leader who in the 90s had a rather racist record during his time as education minister.

It’s akin to picking between the wok and the fire.


Dont pray pray jib. Dont. You can if you are phua chu kang. You can if you are johnny english. But not when you are prime minister of a country. As a leader you dont also be a prankster. You dont joke and clown around. That is certainly not the job of a prime minister.

Jib, now that the bersih rally is over tell us:

(1) where are the communists;
(2) whether or not agung is still around;
(3) where were the silat exponents;
(4) where were the feared racial unrest;
(5) whether any bersih marchers used any of those weapons (parangs amd molotov) your loyal police force claimed to have evidence of.

I more than hate you jib. I despise you. I as a loyal citizen of this country exercise my right to, which I hereby do, dismiss you as my prime minister with immediate effect.

a fellow walker at the bersih rally.

you are amazing :)


Nothing constructive to say. Blood is boiling…..

anak malaysia

it is so troubling to have such a small-minded man as a prime minister.

it’s so angry and sad at the same time to see such leader acting like that in public :(

I believe msia is a GREAT country. we have resources, we have manpower, we have assets, we have almost everything. why can’t we be like any other better country?

Because of ONE issue, the government, had ruined all of them. Vote wisely, for yourself, your children, your onwards generation.

I know this may be almost out of line of me to comment on your blog like this in order to respond to Concerned (first comment), but I believe I need to say this:

While I understand your concerns, we need to understand the roots of a democratic society and how participation by the people actually operate. First of all, the whole idea of voting out a corrupted government (given that the next option may not be entirely better) is mainly to remind the people once more where true power lies: us. For so long, the government has twisted the principles of democracy, deluding people to think that we are to be servile to the government, when it should be the other way round. The hegemony of this very same government has been prolonged too far into our time, when their lies have betrayed the people. An electoral system is to renew in the people the power that they always have on the government. What this means is simple, that no matter what political ideals you hold, the concept of a serving government should never be compromised. And it is currently being compromised at such.

If you feel so strongly against this government, you should vote them out not because you feel that the opposition could do better (indeed maybe they won’t) but that this government has failed. There has been too much false fear among us that we are not permitted to snap the government into knowing where their true position really lie in society. This current government is too comfortable with where they are. A show of defiance is dire to stop them or any impending government from inheriting this deplorable ideal.

You may say that whoever comes to power after would be worse, but again, thats not where absolute power lies. The dichotomy between gov and opp is wholly decided by you, your family, your friends and this vast extension of rakyat. If the future gov ever fails you, lest not you forget that you have the very same power to vote them out. No party should feel like they have won once they ascend to the top. And this is where we come in. For what its worth, any change atm would be for the best.

The people have lost the power for too long, we need to grant us back this. In between the wok and the fire, maybe the truest purpose of democracy lies in the cook. And his tools shall never override him, regardless.

And to Su Ann, you inspire me :)

so angry and so disappointed after seeing the video.

hi Ida,

very well written. your response may help a lot of people to clear their doubts and make up their minds on the next election :)

Looking at their expressions anger me! How dare they!


Everyone please register as voter. All those who despised our current government but did not vote at all giving tons of excuse are no better than the clown we seen on tv everyday. Every journey starts with a step. Voting is just the beginning.

i thought the police gave a statement that no tear gas were use, and now najib admitted that there were.

Ida, i couldn’t agree more. I wish more people understands and take action. Can i share your comment on my fb?

To slowcatchupkuan,

thank you and sure, go ahead. :)

/shifty eyes. I hope i am not spamming your blog Su Ann :/


not at all !! :)) i’m smiling as i read your exchange. thank you for the wonderful comment

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Tan Yee Hou

Lim Su Ann,

I will join you for breakfast for I am a hungry ogre.


i’ve already registered! but I still want you to eat me how.

very disgusted at the video, can’t believe i used to think he was good for us.


Can I join for breakfast too? :P I am always hungry!

Oh, you can’t eat me for breakfast for sure! ;)


How “LOTS” of breakfast can you eat? I want breakfast also leh!

I think we should do a breakfast party with yellow shirt imprinted “i can eat A LOT of breakfast”. ^^


judging by the laughter in the background, there’s still a willing audience amongst those in power who think it’s super funny to mock your electorate. maybe his speech should be sampled and spliced into a dance remix the same way those who say ridiculous things are memorialized into internet memes, since the wonderful archives of the internet are the only place this humour will likely survive in come the next elections

Porcupines in strange places


he has 1 hell of a PR team.

anak malaysia

@kafka – great idea! if only someone can produce remix that go viral like those for alexandra wallace (racist white UCLA girl)..ohhh..ching..chong ..ling.long ching chong.. najib will be siiiikitttttttttt..sajaaaaaaaaaa..mukaaaaa…


someone’s been attending their political science classes regularly…but you do know that we do not elect him to be PM right? it’s the 191 Umno divisions that do…

btw i would like very much for you to eat me for breakfast

I wonder how much he paid for his PR team because they clearly failed him.

I’m voting but I do want to join you and eat breakfast. LOL

To Ida, such a beautifully written comment. I will carry it with me throughout my day, thank you.


@Ida Thank you for such a well-worded comment. I would like to share it on my facebook too! I have been speaking to people who were expressing the same doubts Concerned was, but had no such eloquence to dispute them.

@suann I want to eat pau

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he is their prime minister…surely not mine.


they did fire the tear gas to hospital


Not even a hint of compassion for the rakyat, and yet he aspires to gain utmost respect and support from the whole lot of us. This is what our prime ministers have been reduced to. At seventeen years of age, I know better than to joke on the event of others’ sufferings, even if they were my enemy. This is a LEADER we’re looking at.

ida i love you <3


i can bear witness she even eats breakfast at 3pm. so be afraid….be very very afraid.



Hi, I hope you don’t mind if I share this post.


Agrees with ida’s respond to the first commentor. ;)

I was quite pissed watching the footage of the Prime Minister. The fact that he could afford to joke about tear gas despite a fatality has been reported due to complications of inhaling tear gas.

For this I’ve come up with a syair stanza:

Perdana Menteri memperli-perli
Pemedih mata tiada komplikasi
Rakyat Palestin tersedut pernah mati
Terkilan melihat tersinggung di hati

By nook or by crook I am going to return to Malaysia to kick this effing regime out by a cross on my ballot.

It will be a few many years before the government can be toppled but in the mean time, they should have a strong opposition to keep them on their toes. Even if we doubt the ability of the opposition to run the country, we should reduce the majority of the current government in order for them to be more accountable to the citizens of Malaysia.

By the way, we did NOT vote for the PM. It is by default that BN won and the president of UMNO automatically becomes PM.

John Evans

All lefties think alike. And all lefties loathe dissension…they only want their egos to be massaged by comments from like-minded sycophants!


This proved how weak Malaysia are , that lead by a pathetic person( i won’t call him PM cause he’s no one but a shit to me). SHAME! Disgrace!

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