South of Hollywood

specks of the past do sometimes flit my way, and lodge themselves in my eye. flailing then i can no longer see the world before me, but am forced to look within as i forcefully blink. in these instances i realize how much i’d like to forget you the way you forgot me, but i don’t quite have the heart to, and so i walk around in circles trying hard to extract as many painful but useful lessons from our acquaintance as i can, to justify to myself that there is some good that will come from still keeping you in my mind. it’s a tiresome process and many times i feel like an imbecile in denial, with these useless scraps of information in my hands that i can’t really do much with. i’ve become so ruined and i’m not sure whose fault it is, if it’s mine or yours and if i could ever one day forgive myself for having met you. why’d you find me here?

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