it is –

the sandy shore of monday morning once again, grainy crumbs of the weekend past are under my feet, and the sharp, hopeful air of dawn makes me feel like i am invincible. the sounds of the azan from the nearby mosque are mingling nicely with kafka’s snores from the next room, a pale contrast to the euphoric shouts and the frantic uproar in libya as she claws and crawls her way to freedom. i’m slightly delirious from the lack of sleep but this is such a great morning. i could not miss it even if i tried. hours like these make me feel like stretching out! my arms and embracing the world. doing lots of homework. smiling hello to everyone. reading the newspaper end to end. going to the morning market with my grandmother, just like in the years when she could still walk and talk, and recognize me.

oh world. oh life. you can be so humbling at the weirdest of moments. why is it that the right answers come only when you stop searching, exactly at the right times, at the very last possible fraction of the minute?

there is something so funny about knowing that you have the right answer. my benchmark is that first taste of roti kosong and a small pinch of sugar in a mouthful, when i was in kindergarten. perfection, and so simple too. okay. delirium taking over. going to sleep. goodnight! tell me a story if you have the time.


ah, wu wei.


sounds like everything is falling into place… sometimes the answers just come, like the light that illuminates the sky during a beautiful sunrise.


is this ur zen?


story: a family friend gave us a box of PH macarons, and since my family doesn’t really do macarons, i ended eating most of them. very gleefully. the licorice and violet one made my throat a little numb.

it sounds like a good morning! would like a crisp one myself. lungs feel like they’re being soaked in water.


snores or no snores, the crisp air of suburban sunrises and the azan from the nearby mosque were dependable wakeup calls during my school days :)

life is wonderful in its own way. this one made me smile =)


story: today my cat bit me in that very vulnerable spot between my third and fourth toe, i was very angry at him. but he’s a cat after all, and cat meows.


Story: I think I might have found love. :)


story: all my girlfriends are slim, im short and was fat.(like a ball). with some motivation, i went on 3 months of healthy diet and work out more. i lost 10kgs and i feel good. :) and i love ur blog.


It is always “the sharp, hopeful air of dawn” that uplifts one’s spirit the most…



story: i’m listening to khalil fong, and i’m feeling that simple happiness i always love :) except that there is a small hole in the heart in the shape of a human, and i want to fill it out, but i’m not sure whether i should make that decision.


story: i miss you oredi, i miss nyc, and i miss him WHAT DO WHAT DO

i liked this (: (: one of your better ones. words written in a state of (semi) delirium is often so much lovelier.

I love the way you portray simplicity through words.

Wish I could write like that. Hmm.

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