The Big Easy

hello hellooo, this is kafka. quaintly is away saving the world so i get to sit in this chair and tell my stories :) i spent last christmas break exactly the way i wanted – lounging in the pleasantly warm winter of my surrogate hood in the upper west side with her. we went to the movies, shopped for presents and caught up with old friends. we even got a small, spriggy christmas tree, a charlie brown kind which i dubbed ‘the little tree that could’. o tannenbaum, did we put the nicest ornaments on you: toy soldiers, shining star and all! but the cold did get to us eventually and so a few weeks ago, we decided to exchange a temperamental heater for a short trip down south to sunny New Orleans. quaintly likes to call it N’awlins, twanging the Cajun accent considerably better than i can whenever we talk to the locals. and they were some of the nicest, friendliest people we’ve met, serving us sweet moonshine whiskey and sharing their favourite food haunts so generously. which is how we found ourselves ooh-ing and aah-ing to the best soul-soothing gumbo, shrimp and grits, and batter fried alligator the city had to offer. quaintly will probably beat me with a stick for doing so little justice to the gorgeous food we had, so i’ll leave it to her to say more next time (plus, she has all our pictures!). but in between shopping for antiques and stumbling into labyrinthine cemeteries, it was a much deserved holiday with my number one travel person.

like almost everyone, i like to travel. i know it’s probably an accessible truism in this modern age of budget airlines and online travel forums, but it’s always a pleasure to chuck my stuff into a bag and just pour out into the world. some of my fonder memories have been in places like the sleepy seaside town of Montauk and the mountaintop Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. i have a soft spot for sunrises (as i do for lazy picnics and urban parks), and watching the sun rise over the great Atlantic or the lost city of the Incas, i’m reminded of what i cherish most about my travels: having the luxury of time to muse. there’s just something about being transplanted to a new place amongst new people. without much coaxing, my mind turns to conjuring up all manner of speculations from the banal to the fantastic. why does a city allow garbage to pile up in the piazzas? why does fish cost so much when we’re surrounded by the Mediterranean? and mainly for quaintly’s benefit, i sometimes frame my musings in catchy jingle and rhyme. while she never fails to give me her sweetest layan face, her probing questions such as the one on the existential lament of my turnip song tell me that she secretly enjoys it. and i secretly quite enjoy her ripostes to my endless hypotheticals too. ultimately, it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go; boarding a plane with quaintly is a special kind of adventure that i hold close to my heart for the discoveries, inane jokes and moments that sneak up from behind me and change my life. when she gets back from saving the world, i’ll have to remember to tell her how easy she’s made all this for me. and then maybe we’ll go looking for more gumbo.





you two are too adorable!

nice to meet you, kafka :)

This is sweet.


awww! :)

and hello kafka (finally)!

turnip song? sing it to us!!


sweetness…the two of you are so lovely!

So beautiful T0T do good writers attract similarly good writers?! dedamn.


hellooo kafka!

8th Aunt

Impressed. Writes well & come across as a fine young man. BIG TIME approval. My niece is soooooo lucky :)

bless (: 8th Aunt is right and i agree 100%

nothing finer than a bloke that can wax lyrical and hold his own in prose. truly a better matched pair, there never were.

but there i go again with my insufferable addiction to hyperboles. ;)


you two are such a cute couple, looking forward to more post!!!


wah muchas gracias, you guys are too kind :)

happy year of the dragon everyone!!!

happy cny to you and quaintly! :D


8th aunt and sgrmse, what! what about him! he’s lucky too! >:(

Wow, it must be great to be dating someone who shares your love for travelling. The last time I went backpacking through the western Indian Himalayas, I had to do it solo for a whole month because my girlfriend (no-ex) wasn’t up for it. :sadface:

<3 <3 <3


what a sweet post! i’d love my loved ones to be able to write and express inner thoughts like this!

8th Aunt

what? don’t believe me ask your mum. she’ll agree, “my daughter is so lucky” ..i mean he is lucky too but still you are luckier..*evil laff* anyway.. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you double dragon girl!


Quaintly and Kafka, the both of you write beautifully. You inspire me.

i’m impressed at how beautifully (and strikingly similar) both of you write. thanks for taking the time to stop by :)

hello kafka! and indeed, i agree with joyce. keep filling in the blanks while quaintly is away, won’t you?


how and where do you meet such amazing guys, quaintly? Share with us your secret! :D

thanks for telling your story :)

well, quaintly, i’d say having the good fortune of coming across an articulate well-read man is extremely rare these days but of course that doesn’t mean the luck doesn’t go both ways. he’s lucky, too. without a doubt (: (: stay gold, you two.


kafka iz luckier! #(s)teampau

ah, this one split my face into a huge smile. I wonder how alligator tastes like.


Welcome Kafka! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Reading your post makes me wanna pack up and explore the world right now (and leave my pile of work behind >_<) Obviously i don't travel enough… I had to google to see where was Montauk *blush* :p

anyways looking forward to more wonderful posts from both of you! Happy CNY! :D


That was such a cute article! This is exactly why I love travel too. The only thing missing (for me) is traveling with someone you want to. Its such an intimate exercise — getting to know a city/place with someone else is for me as intimate as sex. (but its not sexual! Its just really special) As sharing your mind, body and soul when you’re really vulnerable – like when you are in a new place. And if in that time you don’t exactly gel with the person you’re with, its vaguely terrorizing.

You guys are such a cute, incredibly well-matched and literary pair! You’re lucky to have each other (:

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