a small window on the lower right of the screen gives me the treasured opportunity to peer into his world, to see strange cushions of hot vapour billowing out into the snowy air, as he bangs and clangs around the kitchen, always narrowly missing the coffee pot. from so far away, it is magical to behold that vapour — it looks like smoke from a chimney, sauntering upwards into the morning air pompously, and almost seems to me to puff forth from the pages of a fairytale script. but more magical than anything is the truth that if i speak, he can hear me. sometimes that is all i need. somewhere i have read, and in life have been shown firsthand, that this sort of thing can be dangerous. it is so dangerous that i don’t even want to define it, lest i realize it is exactly what my affliction is. but then there is trust. and nothing makes sense henceforth.

some pictures from a jaunt into williamsburg, brooklyn earlier yesterday:


Trust is such an alien thing to me that I can never understand how sweet individuals such as yourself fall again and again into its arms, only to realised that they are crossed when you hit the ground.


so quaint. looks like a scene from a flea market!

I have a hunch… that I think I know what you’re talking about because I’m going through the exact same emotions right now. It’s so incredibly scary to trust someone with something as fragile and vulnerable as your heart but maybe, just maybe, that’s what makes falling in love so magical.

When that trust isn’t broken, it’s like everything falls into its rightful place (:

I on the other hand have no idea what you’re going through and I’d probably be wrong if I took a guess. but you don’t sound melancholy – sort of happy, but more amazement at being happy than anything. trust is tricky; I sometimes think there’s no reason to trust anyone but we do it all the same. hence the lack of logic. it’s sort of miraculous. sort of.


Hey Quaintly, have been following your blog for a while now and am heading to NYC this summer. What do you reckon would be your one must-see place that the locals go to?


I first read your writings today when my friend shared this post of yours on facebook, and I immediately fell in love with it -and it has happened before but doesn’t happen that often, falling in love with strung together words.

This is so beautifully written. Thanks for sharing this and may you write a lot more.

Have a lovely day!

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