A Reason To Be

sometimes i read these beautiful books, and all i can think about is how much another person i know would love this book so much more than i. often i do the right thing and gift the book to them, and the beautiful book then has a more suitable new home, in which it is cherished in its right place. but what do i do when such a person and i no longer speak? once, i was lucky enough to know and still be in possession of his mailing address, and so i sent the book anyway, without a card. because, ultimately, it’s about the story and the characters in the pages, and not about our awkwardness. but some other times, i am not so lucky and i don’t have an address — like tonight. where in the world are you? are you happy, are you well? did you know that the Borders where we used to read on Sundays no longer exists? if we played that game where we read out our favorite lines in a book, what would happen? and then, there is that thing about addresses, and how no one ever stays in the same place anymore.


never read Ibrahim Something it but it looks and sounds wonderful just from that one page. hopefully it has an internet version.


i really miss reading your posts from years back.. any chance of you putting them up again?


yay! finally a new post! please come back, quaintly. :(

you’re the reason i write. :’)

Jin Rui

i miss reading your updates :(

i loved your new trebuchet font!i missed reading your updates =(

so glad to read another wonderfully written update from you :) makes the waiting worth it!


What is the title of the book? :) Miss your updates…

There are times when I am read a book, or watch a TV show or a movie that makes me want to tell a certain someone who I know would like it. It feels like such a privilege to know someone well enough to do that.

Then there’s the disappointment of finding out that that person’s tastes have changed to something unrecognisable.


to echo another stranger’s sentiments: please come back, quaintly.
to add my own afterthought, please stay, quaintly.


Hey there! This post made me want to leave a comment on your blog. I’ve been a phantom reader for the longest time. Many people used to say many things about you (good and/or bad) while we were in ADP; your writings have helped me in discerning if those things were true – and I’m always pleasantly surprised.

I don’t have your address and you don’t have mine. Perhaps we don’t even have to/want to know each others’ addresses. But it’s still really good to know that my ex-course mate is well and enjoying life, no matter how little our interactions may have been and how short a time we’ve known each other.

Congratulations on your graduation and I wish you a successful beginning in the many endeavors to come!

love the last line, says so much.


great that you are back writing your blog.


love your depth in mentality and hope all is well in your life. whenever i read your posts, i have this feeling like we could really connect on a personal basis. thanks for reading this post :)


please don’t stop writing. your posts are some of my favorite things in the world (it’s a long list of things) for through them, i have vicariously lived an interesting life :)

and oh, congratulations on your graduation!

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