whenever i find myself on the cusp of doing something emotionally risky, i tell myself to sleep on it. inevitably when i wake up i no longer see the urgency and i pat myself on the back for being patient and making the safer choice. but in my dreams i find myself asking what if? what if something big, crucial and incredibly magical happened because i took the risk? but i guess i will never know


I guess we will never know all the what-if’s in life eh? There’s always a path taken and a path forsaken. What’s important is being contented with the choices you made. Sweet dreams!

i never really know if this is true but coming from a truly impulsive person who has lived to regret many of her impulses, perhaps somethings are truly better left unknown.

always such a joy to see a new post on here (: it’s like opening an envelope and unexpectedly finding a letter from an old friend.

Go ahead. Risk it. You’ll grow richer — in the currency of experience. Sleep on it, and it’ll think of you again tomorrow.


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