How Do You Know?

how do you know when you love someone? the answer to this question has taken different shapes for me, casting long and short shadows over time, like all my love and all my years have been compressed between a sunrise and a sunset. each time, however, one thing remains the same – which is that i feel more love than my heart can carry. the only way i can describe the sensation is that i am bursting with joy. i feel it through every inch of my body. my mind feels like it is on fire. my soul becomes lit with freedom, curiosity, and clamour. everything is messy and chaotic, but perfectly wonderful. and by the time that love is gone, my heart is bigger. it has expanded just that much more, aching to be filled and coloured in with the next love that will save me. but do i know, or do i fear that it isn’t quite love if it is not more than my heart can carry?

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